what is eating disorder symbol ?

eating disorder symbol

what is eating disorder symbol ?


Eating is an essential part of living, but life is not for eating. Eating has much influence on personality and health. However, eating disorder unbalances a patient’s diet; sometimes it is over and sometimes the patient avoids to eat altogether. Eating disorder is a mental illness in which the patient suffers from irregular and uncontrollable eating patterns and habits.


Using symbols to describe a cause either representing it with an image or tattoo simply shows how passionate we are about other’s lives. By wearing them, we might also influence them to do the same because it is a life-saving cause, just like the pink ribbon is a symbol of breast cancer awareness which expresses the moral support of women suffering or those who might have suffered from breast cancer. This is similitude to eating disorder symbols too. In a nut shell, each symbol stands for a particular meaning.

Many people are unable to spot the early warning signs of what could result in an eating disorder only because they do not know what to look for. The problem affects millions of people, many of them teenage girls. Girls are much more likely than boys to I develop an eating disorder. Approximately seven out of ten eating disorders symbol are attributed to girls. This is because of the importance that is placed on a woman’s appearance, even more so than a man’s.

Not surprisingly, many parents are unable to spot the early warning signs. They often respond with guilt when the secret is out.

Eating disorder refers to the overlapping condition in eating which can be treated as a patient’s normal behaviors towards daily eating schedule with numerous forms of general psychopathology.



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How Can Eating Disorder Symbols Be Recognized?

Eating disorder symbols are of different types and it clearly does not distinguish between the types of eating disorders. According to the NEDA, the eating disorder symbol has been designed on many household materials, wears, magazines and jewelries. The awareness of the symbol is worn by individuals who personally wish to support the society in fighting against this eating disorder for its victims.

The eating disorder symbol can be a stylized heart which can also be interpreted as the outline of a female body. The heart illustrates loving concern for patients suffering from eating disorders and the female body represents diversity and acceptance of all body shapes and sizes. The fluid lines of the logo also symbolize curves and motion; both are symbols of a healthy body image.

Some additional early physical warning signs are restlessness, lack of energy, insomnia, dizziness, loss of menstrual periods and fainting. More visible signs in physical appearance are significant weight loss, a rapid weight increase and a constant fluctuation in weight. The more severe the eating disorder, the more severe the physical complications. Therefore, it is quite important for you to watch out for the eating disorder signs in order to avoid its health consequences and also support its victim by displaying the eating disorder symbols in our daily life.


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growing trees for profit is good?

growing trees for profit is good?



With a large number of tree types growing globally, just a small number are actually considered useful to the business industry. Growing trees for profit is very common at present and in this article we will mention several of such trees.

Timber Trees:

1. Gmelina arborea


Gmelina arborea is actually a fast developing tree. It is utilized in furniture, constructions, sports, carriages, musical instruments as well as artificial limbs. The tree can easily grow from medium to a large height of as much as 30 m along with a thickness of 1.4 to 4 m. It is usually harvested in 9-10 years.

2. Melia dubia

Melia Dubia

Melia Dubia is also a fast developing tree and it may be grown in all kinds of soil needing a minimal water supply. Melia dubia has got the distinctive feature of developing up to 40 ft. within a couple of years from sowing and can be pruned as well as harvested mechanically. It is employed in match and plywood industrial sectors.

Trees for Industries:

Match Industries:

1. Ailanthus excelsa

Ailanthus excelsa

The Indian Tree of Heaven happens to be a huge deciduous tree. It is primarily used in the matchbox industry as well as boat building, musical instruments, boxes, crates, plywood, tool handles, and pulp or paper products. It requires much less water supply and is ideal for all kinds of soil.

2) Paper Industries:

1. Casuarina junghuhniana

Casuarina junghuhniana

Casuarina junghuhniana is another fast developing tree and also convenient for any kind of soil. Primarily utilized in the paper industries, it is usually harvested after 3 years.

2. Bamboo


Bamboo happens to be the world’s quickest developing plant and certain types of bamboo can easily grow as much as a foot every 24 hours in the proper conditions. It may be grown in all soil types with adequate irrigation facility. Right now bamboo may be grown in tissue culture sapling that will give much more density.

Bio mass Industrial sectors:

1. Melia dubia

plant, this particular tree has got the capability of producing over 50 tons of biomass on an average for every acre per year over a ten-year period. Its substantial calorific value causes it to be a viable supply of feed stock for the biomass power vegetation.

2. Bamboo

Its huge yield does make it useful in the biomass industries.

Things to be considered for cultivation:

1. Choose trees in accordance with your irrigation facilities, land type, as well as maintenance

2. Perform soil test plus water study and choose trees which fit your kind of soil as well as the quality of water.

3. The spacing of trees

The trees can develop in lots of ways. Therefore, our work would not only be to cover a lot more space for the plantation of trees but also to grow more trees in an assigned area.

There are actually a couple of elements of tree space: above as well as under the ground. Taller trees must not be positioned where the high tension cables are actually running overhead. The underground area is also vital and the medium-sized trees ought to be rooted no less than 3 meters from one another and the larger ones at 7 meters from one another and 4 meters from buildings blocks.

4. Period of growing

The time of sowing depends on the species, location, accessibility to irrigation services, rainfall of the area, and so on. Winter season is best for growing deciduous trees because they are usually dormant during this period of time and therefore more unlikely to suffer from any damage. For the evergreen as well as semi-deciduous foliage, the rainy months are the best for growing. Trees might be planted throughout the following periods:

Throughout spring: During this period all of the factors (particularly the temperature) necessary for tree development can be found. Therefore, it is a great time for fresh saplings to be rooted.


At the beginning of the Monsoons: For the majority of the species and also most regions, planting is executed during the monsoons. You should start the planting job right after an excellent shower while the soil is properly moistened.

5. Maintenance

The saplings must be watered on a regular basis, safeguarded from cattle as well as pests and also provided manure. Pruning can make trees enhance the worth of timber.



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Program for personal development activities

personality development activities

((Program for personal development  activities))



We live in a fast-moving society where we spend most of our time working or thinking about work and most of us seem to believe that our worth is only determined by the amount our money we can make. We are spending years trying to evolve in our careers, to acquire more skills and become better professionals, but we seem to have forgotten to grow and improve as persons. Sometimes, however, we are lucky enough to stop for a second and rediscover our true selves and our enormous potential to also develop as people, to become better human beings.

It is then when we start realizing how easy it is to improve ourselves, through simple personal development activities, that will not only help us constantly grow but also experience a better life. These activities can be gathered in a self-improvement program, which closely followed, will make an impact on your personality.
The first activity you should practice is reading, on a daily basis. Reading can help you experience new, unknown worlds that you would have never thought about otherwise. It can help you meet new characters, understand different cultures and learn from mistakes you’ve never had the opportunity to make. Whether you choose science fiction, novels or documentary books, by reading you open up your mind to new possibilities, thus becoming a more knowledgeable and complex person.
Furthermore, you should try to do something you fear as often as you can. Doing things you are afraid means pushing your limits and overcoming them, which, in the long term, will offer you more confidence, more self-esteem and less fear in front of the unknown. In addition, the adrenaline boost that comes right after will make you feel like you are walking on the sunshine.
Taking up a hobby will also help you develop your personality, as it gives you the opportunity to discover what you like and spend quality time doing it. It will help you relax and understand yourself better, and it will make you calmer and more patient, not only for yourself but also with others. If you don’t think hobbies are for you, meditation is another way to spend more time alone and rediscover yourself. You can use this opportunity to analyze your past actions and life events and redefine your values. Or you can simply clear your mind of all the gathered negativity so that you will have a more a more optimistic perception of life.
Trying to create or build something with your own hands is another activity that can give your life new value and make you feel proud of yourself. Whether it is writing, painting, carving or even knitting, it will have a calming effect on your mind, and it will give you a special kind of satisfaction. If you can create something that is helpful to others, this will make you feel more important, as a human being, and it will give your life a purpose.
There are many activities you can carry out routinely in order to develop your personality and improve your life. At the end of the day, it is important to accomplish them, regardless of their type or their order, or if they are or not part of a program. Just choose what makes you feel more satisfied with yourself and enrich your life and allow yourself to become a better person.


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how to be good mc

master of ceremonies

how to be good master of ceremonies (mc)

for a credible way to earn money, you might want to consider becoming an emcee or master of ceremonies. If you have an experience in speaking in public, and you think that your communication skills can make it be good in this career, then you maybe want to try it out. A lot of people are already capitalizing on their skills of speaking up and communicating in public. You can be a good host to parties, events or meetings. With this career, you can have income all year round as there will always be parties, events and meetings held almost every day. And if you have become credible enough as the master of ceremonies, you will surely have clients lining up for your services. So, what makes a good master of ceremonies?

First of all, you need to understand that this career is mostly speaking in the public. So make sure that you take care of your appearance, and you keep on enhancing your communication skills. How you look will affect people’s acceptance with what you are saying. Make sure that you always look your best and look friendly as always. You should also improve your speaking skills as you will be the one speaking in parties and events most of the time. You will be leading the program which makes you act like the guide so that the event or party will be duly organized.


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public spaking 2

Do you want to be a master of ceremonies? Then you should probably get started in practicing now. That way, you can make an excellent master of ceremonies for any event. Then, you will surely have a long line up of clients and customers that are willing to pay and hire you for their parties. But what makes a good master of ceremonies?

You need to know that this job mainly entails pure speaking to the public or a specific audience. The very first thing you should bear in mind is to look good and pleasant for the people who will be watching and listening to you while you are on the stage or in front of them. You need to be well groomed because your appearance will be a good enhancer for your communication skills. Your presence will greatly affect how your audiences will respond to what you are saying to their faces; if they believe you; laugh at you or anything else.

When speaking in public, make sure that you only use pleasant words. Avoid words that may be interpreted as offending or discriminating. Use simple words and do not complicate ideas by using words that are difficult to understand. You should also increase the level of knowledge that you have. If you are the guide of the ceremony, then you should know a lot about it. You may research about the background and experiences related to the event or party. This will give you more things to say which will prevent boredom during the party or event.

Gather a lot of charisma and always show confidence when you host a party or event. This will show that you are an experienced emcee and know everything about the job. Your charisma will make a big difference as the audience will surely listen to every word that you will say. For you to have these both, you need to know what style works for you very well. Be unique and deliver the form where you are most comfortable with.

You can also add a bit of humor to your lines. This will make your audience feel comfortable and interested in every word you will say. This will also help in adding life and color to the event.

It may not be as easy as you think to become a master of ceremonies. But if you take your time to practice and learn more about it, you will surely be able to maximize your talent and benefit much from this career.



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Top 5 social anxiety books

social anxiety

Top 5 social anxiety books



There are various social anxiety books provided in the market today. People suffering from social anxiety fear being judged and evaluated negatively by other individuals who result to humiliation, inferiority, embarrassment and even depression to some extent.

There are a variety of published books that provide in-depth information of overcoming social anxiety. These books will help you to be less anxious, quiet and awkward when around people.


1. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy

The author of this book seems to understand what it is like to have social anxiety. Guilt, anxiety pessimism and low self-esteem are common these days. These negative emotions can easily get hold of us and result in a feeling of loneliness and sadness.

The author Dr. David Burns discusses the following themes in the book;

· How to deal and overcome guilt.

· The author goes ahead to discuss the causes of mood swings and how to address them.

· Dealing with the need of approval from other people.

· How to efficiently handle hostility and criticism from others.


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2. The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

This is one of the bestselling books for overcoming the subject of anxiety. The book for years has been recommended by psychologists and psychiatrists to patients. The book gives a clear and a concise understanding of the causes of stress. It provides some ideas of the many anxiety treatment options available.

The themes covered in the book are;

· Relaxation and breathing techniques

· How to control negative self-talks

· The importance of being committed to therapy

· Preventing and coping panic attacks

· Etc.


3. Furiously Happy:

Fun and anxiety are two words that are rarely used in conjunction with each other. Finding fun with an anxious soul is hard. The author of this book Jenny Lawson provides you with the information that will helps you quickly overcome anxiety.

The unique feature of this book is that the author Jenny shares her personal experiences and gives you a glimpse into her unique mind.


4. Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks

This is must read the book for the people who believe it is impossible living a life without panic attacks or even anxiety. The information on this books is extremely motivational, inspirational and based on facts.

The author of this book Barry McDonough shares some touching and motivational life experiences which are capable of helping those suffer from anxiety.

Some of the themes covered in this book are;

· How to decrease the feeling of fear.

· Some tips for having good night rest that is free from anxiety.

· How to increase self-confidence as well as self-esteem.

· How to stop panic attacks.

· Etc.


5. The anxiety Toolkit; Strategies for Fine Tuning Your Mind and Moving Past Your Stuck Points

This book is important as it explains the different ways in which anxiety affect the life of those who suffer from it. The book is more than just fun, it is interactive, and has some quizzes to ensure that you build up a good progress in overcoming social anxiety.



The above is a list of the few books that are best for helping you to overcome social anxiety. Even though the list does not cover the entire wide range of books available in the market, it provides some of the most valuable books that will help someone struggling with social anxiety behavior.


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